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Animal Control Officer Saved by Tourniquet After Dog Attach

Original Story From Boston Herald

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A bloodied animal control officer was hospitalized yesterday after he and several Boston cops tangled with two “vicious” pit bulls police said had pinned a third dog down by its throat.

The frightening showdown began shortly before noon on Mascot Street in Dorchester, where arriving officers reported seeing a group of people in a backyard “looking directly at two pit bull dogs attacking another dark-colored dog.

“The dog being attacked was laying down on the ground while the two vicious pit bulls were chewing on his neck,” a report on the incident states.

Police said the owner of the dog under attack came home and grabbed a rake to get the pit bulls off his gravely injured pet, only to become the target of their fury as they chased him around the property.

Three police officers were able to contain the pit bulls in the yard while a fourth officer applied pressure to the injured dog’s neck in an attempt to stem the bleeding until its owner could take it to an area animal hospital.

The dog’s condition was not immediately available.

Police said one of the two animal control officers who arrived on scene to corral the pit bulls with dual-release control poles was attacked by one of the dogs and suffered cuts to his right forearm.

“The officer was bleeding profusely until the tourniquet was applied,” police said.

The injured officer was taken by ambulance to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The pit bulls were removed to the city’s animal-care shelter in Roslindale.

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