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New Trainer’s Get “Beet” Up

The Eric Zapata Memorial Foundation is proud to launch our new initiative known as the Tourniquet On Person (TOP) Program. The goal of the TOP program is to save lives by equipping and training area first responders with tourniquets and tourniquet holsters. Every second counts with uncontrolled bleeding and having a tourniquet always at arm’s reach has proven to save lives.
Today 12 area first responders became tourniquet trainers. This was made possible through the generous support of the Oshtemo Township Fire Department who hosted the training, equipment, and talent. Today’s training included classroom and real life scenarios where pressurized beet juice water was pulsed through simulated extremities. This training also included an “Ice Bucket Challenge” where students had to retrieve 24 coins from the bottom of a bucket of ice water. This challenge simulated the loss of fine motor skills often experienced by people is stressful conditions. The new trainers will return to their agencies and provide the ongoing annual tourniquet training. Seven more trainer the trainer event are scheduled this year.
The TOP program is a collaborative project hosted by the Eric Zapata Memorial Foundation which provides the tourniquet holsters. The Oshtemo Township Fire Department provided the train the trainer events, the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine Medicine is collecting data on tourniquet uses. The Kalamazoo County Medical Control Authority who approved the project, and the Fifth District Medical Response Team who provided the tourniquet.


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