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Oklahoma Officer Wounded During Search Warrant

This is a story from KFOR Channel 4

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Earlier this month, officers with the Chickasha Police Department were serving a search warrant at a home in the 3500 block of S. 4th St.

While searching an outbuilding on the property, officers found Kevontay Allen and a juvenile and took them into custody.

As they approached the house, investigators said shots were fired from a man inside the building.

“Subject’s moving through the building. Randomly firing through the walls. East side, west side, rounds coming out,” an officer can be heard saying on the 911 call. “Shots fired! Large amount. Subject barricaded. We have one of our officers shot.”

Sgt. Matthew Schoolfield, a 10-year veteran of the department, was hit immediately three times. His vest stopped at least another two rounds.

“He was able to make his way on his own to a perimeter officer and collapsed. The perimeter officer went to drag him to cover where a tourniquet was applied to his upper right arm,” Chickasha Police ChiefGoebel Music said.

Officer Daniel Ramirez, a one and a half-year veteran of the department, was hit with shrapnel. He was treated at the hospital and released.

“He was able to stay in the fight and continued to fight until he could no longer continue,” Music said.

Authorities said the officers were trying to serve a search warrant on 61-year-old Alex Warren Klingler, who was accused of attempting to abduct and assault a woman.

As the shootout was going on, investigators said Allen and the juvenile made explicit comments toward the officers.

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